So you have decided that the new iOS 6 is not quite for you and you want to downgrade your device back to the 5.1.1 software. Well thankfully it is really easy to do.


If you’ve ever attempted to run a downgrade in the past, you will probably be well aware of how much a pain it can potentially be. Well thankfully, when it comes to downgrading BETA firmwares back to a public firmware it is really simple.

The simplicity of the downgrade is due to the fact that Apple are still singing iOS 5.1.1 and because it is still the most recent firmware that is available. Downgrading from a BETA firmware requires no host file changes, SHSH blobs or TinyUmbrellaLiterally, all you do is hook up your iPhone, open iTunes, point it at the iOS 5.1.1 firmware and click restore. (You can place the device into DFU mode if you want. Whenever I perform any downgrade or upgrades I always tend to put it into DFU mode, but in this case it is not needed. Choice is yours) 

That’s it guys, you really don’t need to do anything else, in a few steps you can easily be downgraded back to iOS 5.1.1

If you have had attempted a downgrade before, let us know your experience. Did you find it challenging?


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