We recently posted how to supercharge your iPad with XMBC Media Player, well we are now going to talk about a great addon called Navi-X that can be installed to your XMBC Media Centre.

What is Navi-X? Navi-X is a free media portal add-on for XMBC users to gain access to thousands of television programs and movies all for FREE.

Navi-X is a “content aggregator” app that provides access to all kinds of multimedia content, listed on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists for playing on your TV or PC! Users can link to content and playback video, audio, pictures, podcasts, text, rss and html on the internet and share it with people around the world in seconds! Create fully customizable playlists with backgrounds, logos and icons as well as link to your favorite multimedia on the internet or browse the already existing directory of publicly available content, in one sleek, fast and unified application! Navi-X is a multi-platform addon for XBMC and Boxee, popular and free media center applications available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple TV and the original Xbox (modified). We also are always looking to put a flavor of Navi-X on any platform we possibly can. – Navi- X

Download Navi-X .zip file [Version 3.7.5]

How To Install Navi-X

1) Download the latest version of Navi-X .zip file  > Download Navi-X .zip file [Version 3.7.5]

2) Once you’ve downloaded the file, save it to your desktop or somewhere you know where to find it.

3)  Open up XBMC Media Player and navigate to System > Add-ons > Install from zip file. Select the location of the ZIP file and then select the ZIP file, hit OK. A little box will pop up in the lower right hand corner that says “Navi-X enabled”

You’ll find the Navi-X media portal under Programs.(Slightly different to other addons if you have added any yet as they will generally be located under ‘Videos’)

That’s it, you have installed one of the most popular addons for XBMC so sit back and get comfy as you browse through a whole host of great content such as the very latest movies, television shows and live tv streams from across the globe. Have you installed Navi-X, let us know what you think? Simply refer to the comments section below.

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