Continuing on with our recent articles on Cydia error fix tutorials we have put together this little quick guide on how to fix the annoying little Cydia error ‘Hash Sum Mismatch’ which many jailbreakers will run into at some point when trying to download Cydia tweaks to their iDevices.

iPhone / iPad / iPodFix “Hash Sum Mismatch” Cydia Error :

Start with option 1 and work your way down if option one still brings up the error.

Option 1: Switch off you jailbroken iDevice then turn it on again > Restart Cydia.  Right now try to download a tweak from Cydia as normal, if the “Hash Sum Mismatch” error has not been solved, move right on to option 2.

Option 2: It is essential that you have a good internet connection, in order to do this, reset you jailbroken iDevice network settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

NOTE: Don’t forget to reboot your network hardware (modem, router and your iOS device)

Option 3: Make sure that your Cydia is up to date. To check your Cydia status, open Cydia > Changes > Refresh then update all available updates.

Option 4: If you are still having issues, in this case the annoying Mismatch error is still showing we now need to try to delete the repo containing the Cydia tweak. To do this simply open Cydia > Manage > Sources. Click edit and delete the repo that causing the error.


Option 5: If the “Hash Sum Mismatch” error still exist , unfortunately the only option left is to do a complete restore and re-jailbreak your device in order to install a fresh clean version of Cydia.

If you have had this Cydia error let us know if any of these methods worked for you, also if you fixed the Mismatch error using a  different method please let us know we will add it to our list and obviously give you the credit for informing us! Hope this helps.

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