We recently posted an article where we interviewed the brains behind the top XBMC addon MashUP. Well he has now only gone and teamed up with some of the top XBMC addons such as MaxPowers to create a super sports addon called “Sports-A-Holic”  and is now available to install via the settings tab in side of XBMC. If you own an Apple TV and were using it to watch live sports in the past you were more than likely using the addon SportsDevil. Now although SportsDevil is still a credible source for all your live sports needs this new addon by MashUp is surely going to give the veteran a run for its money.

How to install Sports-A-Holic on your Apple TV:

1 Open up XBMC and navigate to System > Settings – Click to enter.

2 Scroll down to Add-ons and click to procede

3 Scroll down to ‘Get Add-Ons’ click to enter

4 You will then need to scroll and find ‘All Addons by Mash2k3″ (This is assuming that you already have the Mash2k3 repository installed on the Apple TV, if you don’t follow this guide on how to add Mash2K3 repo).

5 Click on “Video Add-Ons”

6 Scroll down to the new addon called “Sports-A-Holic” click to enter.

7 On this page all you need to do is click install.

8 Once installed you will see a small notification on the bottom right of your screen. Once you see that, you can close the settings page and return to the home screen. From the home screen scroll over to Videos and click to enter.

9 Click on Addons to take you to the next page, where you should see all the video addons installed on your device including the new Sports-A-Holic addon by MashUP.

10 Navigate over to Sports-A-Holic and click it to enter.

That’s it folks, simple as that. You can now sit back and enjoy your favourite live sports. I for one can not wait till the Premier League starts again, this addon will certainly be getting some use then! On behalf of sports fans across the globe, a special thanks to MashUp and Mash2k3 for making this addon a reality. Make sure to check out our exclusive interview with the brains behind it all.

Let us know what you think of the Sports-A-Holic addon, leave us a comment below or tweet us on @ijailbreakthis

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